Observium is still at its heart a collaborative project, and welcomes contributions from its users.

In order to maintain the quality of the software we have strict quality controls on contributions, particularly involving UI elements, but if you read our development documentation and guidelines, you shouldn't have much trouble!

By contributing code you are making a donation of the code unencumbered by licensing restrictions to Observium Limited for use within Observium.

Observium Community Edition is currently licensed under a modified QPL-1.0 license, and Professional Edition under a commercial license. We reserve the right to change the license for all or part of the code at any time.

What can be done?

  • We need more/better documentation
  • User levels need to be worked out somewhat bit more
  • Code, snmp, SQL optimization
  • New device support!
  • Security audit (especially user access levels)
  • Conversion of old code to new standards
  • Gotchas and possible brokenness is indicated by FIXME comments in the code which probably need to be looked at
  • There are reported bugs that may need fixing, and some feature requests on the Bug Tracker as well.

Where to start

  • Check the documentation below
  • Check with the developers on the mailing list or in the IRC channel what you want to do, to avoid duplicating or doing unnecessary work

There is a lot of code of different ages in Observium, which has evolved through a number of different code stages. Please check with the developers first before taking something as a base to start from, as it may no longer be the preferred way of doing things!

Code Structure and Style