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CE to Sub Migration

Observium has been designed with ease of upgrading and seamless migration in mind, allowing users to transition smoothly from the Community Edition to the Professional or Enterprise edition.

Migrate an Existing Community Edition Installation to the Subscription Edition

To migrate to the SVN repository-delivered code, you need to check out a new copy of the code and transfer your existing config.php and rrd directory to the new copy.

Assuming your installation is in /opt/observium:

cd /opt 
mv observium observium-old
svn co observium
cp observium-old/config.php observium
mv observium-old/rrd observium-old/logs observium
cd observium
./discovery.php -u

During the update process, you'll be prompted for a username and password. These credentials can be found in the Subscription Portal.

The commands above will install the stable train. If you prefer to use the rolling train, replace branches/stable in the third command with trunk.

You can switch from stable to rolling by re-running the process above, or by running the following commands:

cd /opt/observium
svn switch
./discovery.php -u

It's recommended to stop your cron daemon (or at least temporarily disable Observium cron jobs) during the migration, as running the poller midway through the checkout or while moving the rrd directory may cause unintended consequences.