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CE to Sub Migration

Observium has been designed from its initial inception to be easy and seamless to upgrade. This makes it easy to also migrate from a Community Edition to a Professional or Enterprise edition.

Migrate an existing Community Edition installation to the Subscription Edition

In order to move to the SVN respository-delivered code it's necessary to check out a new copy of the code and move your existing config.php and rrd directory to it.

Assuming you have installed to /opt/observium :

cd /opt 
mv observium observium-old
svn co observium
cp observium-old/config.php observium
mv observium-old/rrd observium-old/logs observium
cd observium
./discovery.php -u

Note that you will be prompted for a username and password when you update, these are provided in the Subscription Portal.

The commands above will install the stable train. If you'd like to use the rolling train, change the branches/stable part of the third command to trunk.

It's probably best to stop your cron daemon (or at least disable the Observium cron jobs temporarily), because starting the poller when you're half way the checkout, or the rrd directory move, may cause adverse effects.

/opt/observium/discovery.php -u