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Observium developers and users alike will try to resolve your problems through the mailing list, Discord and IRC. However, we ask you to follow a few simple rules before posting:

  • Please provide all relevant information that someone might need to answer your question, including versions of Observium, your Operating System and supporting packages, and if relevant the model and firmware version of the device you're monitoring. If possible include uncropped screenshots showing the problem, including URLs and error messages. The more information you provice, the more likely you are to get a helpful answer!
  • Do not ask questions that have been answered in the FAQ.
  • Do not post to the Mailing List with a signature full of disclaimers which are usually longer than the actual content of your message.
  • Do not reply to an existing Mailing List thread and change the subject to start something new, as this will mess up threading and your message will possibly end up being ignored.
  • If you have patches, preferrably put them online somewhere so we can wget/curl them to our development machines. Patches attached to mails or inline are especially bad - pastebin could work but is also not recommended. If you don't have anywhere to put them, create a bug in our Jira interface and attach the file there.
  • Please be aware that the Discord, IRC channel and Mailing List is populated by people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and who may have already spent an entire day helping other users and miscommunications and misunderstandings do occur. Please try not to be too easily offended :)

IRC & Discord

The Observium community has a Discord server and IRC channel providing informal support and discussion, and we welcome the contributions of experienced users in supporting newer users.

The #observium IRC channel is hosted on OFTC, point your IRC client towards or use their web-based IRC client

The Discord server is accessible via this invite link.

Mailing List

For general discussion, feature requests, bug reports, help requests and other things.

To subscribe, please send an email to with subscribe in the body of the text.

Alternatively, go to the web interface and subscribe :