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PING-only host monitoring

Subscription Feature

This is a feature which is currently only included in the Subscription Edition of Observium.

Observium is designed to collect and display data from SNMP-capable devices, but not every device supports SNMP. In order to monitor non-SNMP capable devices, the probes system is a useful tool.

The probes system can be used to monitor any reacahable system by overriding the host argument, it's recommended that you create probes for non-SNMP devices on the Observium poller host device entry in Observium itself, or a partitioned poller device entry if you wish to run the probe from a partitioned poller (be sure the partitioned device entry is polled from its own partition!)

To do a simple PING check on a device, add a check_ping probe, check the "No Default Arguments" check box and include -H <ip_address> in the extra arguments. For the check_ping probe, the required arguments are -w <warn_rtt>,<warn_loss>% -c <alert_rtt>,<alert_loss>%

Full options can be found on the probe plugin's manual page.

Ping-only device probe creation

Once this is created you can test it by polling the device entry you added it to with -m probes. Be sure to do this as the user that normally runs the poller on your system.

Ping-only device probe polling

Since probes are accessible to the alerting system, you can easily create alert rules that match these entities, or just cover them with a blanket alerting matching all probes.

Ping-only device probe polling

This same method can be used to run any other probe on a device that doesn't exist in Observium. Possible uses are for web-based checks using check_http or external DNS lookup checks. You can even run SNMP-based probes on devices you can't add directly to Observium itself.