Adding an OS type

Follow these steps to add basic detection of a new OS type:

  1. Add an OS text name and possibly other settings in includes/definitions/ Please use a meaningful name! Preferably the name of the operating system rather than the brand of the device.
  2. If you can identify the device by sysObjectId, add the ID string into definitions. If you can't (multiple matches, extra checks, etc), create a file called includes/discovery/os/<osname>.inc.php, which fills the $os variable.
  3. Create includes/polling/os/<osname>.inc.php, for device specific polling. This can retrieve serial number, OS versions, etc. See the existing files for examples.
  4. Create a 32x32 logo, in html/images/os/<osname>.png. The filename may also be the manufacturer name (usually better) - in that case set the "icon" property in the definitions file accordingly, so Observium loads the correct icon.