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Observium can integrate with Collectd to show graphs drawn from Collectd modules in the web interface. This is particularly useful if you have existing data collected that you'd like to access, or if you need sub-5 minute polling periods, which collectd can handle.

Once everything is correctly configured, Observium should automatically enumerate the Collectd RRD files and add an entry to the device navigation bar.


Make sure the hostname Observium uses matches the hostname the Collectd instances on the servers you want to graph match :

In collectd.conf :

Hostname ""

At the collecting server side (your observium server) add to your collectd.conf:

LoadPlugin network
<Plugin network>
  Listen "" "25826"

At all clients add (replace with IP address of your observium server) to your collectd.conf:

LoadPlugin network
<Plugin network>
  Server "" "25826"

Tell Observium where Collectd is keeping its RRD files in config.php :

$config['collectd_dir']         = "/mnt/rrdcached/db/collectd/";

A collectd tab should automatically appear for any servers that collectd is receiving graphs for (and where the hostnames match).